Máy đóng gói chân không Old Rivers FVB-UC-400

Mô tả

  • The machine is downsized and the vacuum pump is built in. This is the compact belt type vacuum packaging machine which can be installed in a small space and it can be moved easily.
  • Since the machine is equipped with 1 motor drive mechanism, a compact vacuum pump, etc., a used electric power and pump oil amount are reduced. Thus, energy saving is realized compared with the conventional type.
  • Since the control box and upper/lower frames are made of stainless steel, and the antibacterial belt and one touch release mechanism are adopted, the inside (platen) surrounding by the belt, and belt rear surface can also be cleaned. Their sanitary nature is improved. (The belt is light, and one person can wash the machine.)
  • The touch panel system is adopted on the operation part. It can set the various data (each time of vacuum, seal and cooling) to 10 items.
  • The inversion mode (only intermittence) other than normal turn (continuation, intermittence) is added for an operating mode, and finished products can be returned to the worker side.
  • The machine also supports the packaging of liquid products by changing a machine angle. (Stepped to 4 among 0°-24°)

Thông tin bổ sung

Thời gian hút / chu kỳ

15-30 sec

Max. Bag Length

435 mm

Chiều dài thanh dán

1 x 890 mm

Đánh giá

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