Máy đóng gói chân không Henkovac A-5000LL

Máy đóng gói chân không Henkovac A-5000LL

The line is studied for satisfy the vacuum packing needs of small to medium size food processing and food preparation companies and provides an optimal packaging result according to the latest market requirements.

For continuous operation:


  1. Automatic double chamber vacuum machine
  2. Conveyor
  3. Immersion tank
  4. Exit table

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Mô tả


  • After the machine is manually loaded the cover will close automatically and start the vacuum cycle.
  • After the vacuum cycle the cover will automatically swing to the other working platform while the packaged
  • products will automatically be discharged on the conveyor belt and be transported into the immersion tank which will automatically start the short immersion cycle.
  • After the immersion the product will be discharged on the exit table.
  • At the exit table the excess film can be removed from the shrink wrap package if 1-2 seal has been used.
  • The 1-2 seal is highly recommended when shrink bags are being used.
  • For regular vacuum bags the immersion tank is not necessary.


  • Rugged all stainless steel construction
  • IP65 splash water proof controls
  • Pneumatic automatic movement of the vacuum chamber
  • Manual, semi-automatic or automatic operation
  • Sensor controlled 10 program digital vacuum control unit
  • Special cleaning position
  • Conveyor belt automatic controlled by the movement of the vacuum chamber and the immersion tank
  • Immersion tank has automatic water level and temperature control
  • The immersion rack can be removed to clean the immersion tank


  • 1-2 Seal for shrink bags or bi-active seal
  • Gas flush
  • External pump connection
  • Additional 300m3 external pump

Thông tin bổ sung

Trọng lượng 525 kg
Kích thước 2020 × 923 × 1230 mm
Chamber dimensions

810 x 680 x 200 mm

Chiều dài thanh dán

4 x 810 mm (front/back)

Chiều cao sản phẩm

200 mm

Công suất bơm

300 m³/h, 300 m³/h x2

Thời gian hút / chu kỳ

30 sec

Điện áp tiêu chuẩn

3-phase, AC 380-400V, 50/60Hz

Điện năng tiệu thụ

5.5 kw

Air Pressure

6 bar-100 Ltr p/m

Machine options

Bi active seal, Double seal, Gas-flush, Seal 1-2

Đánh giá

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